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  • "Floor graphics have been popping up in retail establishments across the country. Advertising is still one of the largest money makers in the world and companies are always looking for new places to put their name and gain attention.” “Floor graphics are a great way to tap into typically unused spaces for relatively little money. Instead of building expensive display units, a company can print on a mid-priced removable pressure sensitive vinyl and laminate with a mid-priced slip resistant textured film to create an eye-catching graphic for the existing floor structure.”
    Wide-Format Imaging: May 31st, 2006


    Floor graphics - Sales are projected to reach $2 billion within five years.
    - Prices are in the range of $12 per sq. ft. for the printed piece. - Floor graphics have gained popularity because it stimulates sales.
    Excerpts: “Many grocery and discount stores use floor graphics to announce their hottest specials and introduce new products. Unheard of a few years ago, sales for this new medium are projected to reach $2 billion within five years.”

    “Floor graphics are as effective as more conventional POP displays in stimulating sales of impulse products, such as snack foods, by as much as 10%. Sales for some consumer products are reportedly 20-30% higher at stores with floor graphics.” “…ground level advertising is effective because most people naturally focus their eyes downward, looking where they walk as they push their shopping carts.” “As an advertising medium, floor graphics complement and reinforce other advertising messages and campaigns.

    Compared to newspapers, outdoor advertising, radio and TV, floor graphics are cost-effective, with prices in the range of $12 per sq. ft. for the printed piece. By dovetailing with other marketing programs, floor graphics strengthen brand recognition. Plus, by reinforcing an advertising message, these graphics influence buying decisions -- most consumers don't choose which brand to buy until after they enter a store. Materials “Companies such as Avery Dennison and 3M™ offer a wide range of materials for floor graphics.

    These materials typically entail a vinyl print-media layer and slip-resistant overlaminate that must meet demanding requirements. Various floor-graphics materials are designed for standard, digital-printing technologies.” (…) “Like screen printed graphics, these substrates are often affected by temperature and humidity. Ideal shop conditions are ambient temperatures of 65-75° F and 45-60% humidity.

    When processing, the print media should be removed from its packaging, sheeted and allowed to relax at least 24 hours prior to printing. The conditioning period also allows the liner to stabilize by gaining or losing moisture.” Overlaminates “Floor graphics must withstand the extraordinary abuse of foot traffic, dirt, grease, grit and chemical cleaners. Several overlaminates are specially designed for floor-graphics applications. (…) “Polycarbonate and vinyl -- most of which are pressure-sensitive -- are often used as overlaminate films for floor graphics. Printed graphics should only be laminated after the inks are thoroughly dry. In high humidity, extra curing time may be required.” “Heat-activated overlaminates are also available.

    Clear protective films can be applied to encapsulate the front and back of the paper print. The overlaminates overlap the print on all sides by 1/4 in. or more to form a waterproof barrier.” “Polycarbonate films without an adhesive coating are also used to produce floor graphics. A mirrored or reverse image can be printed on the film's second surface. After the ink is completely dry, a mounting adhesive is laminated to the print. In this construction, the film serves as both the print and overlaminate.”


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